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Maker of early keyboard instruments 15th-18th centuries

Harpsichords, clavichords, virginals

Pierre Verbeek makes clavichords and harpsichords in his workshop in Daverdisse, a small village located in the region of the Ardennes, in the south of Belgium. The workshop specializes in early instruments from the Italian, German and Franco-Flemish traditions.

Many instruments have been studied and documented and can be made on request. Pierre's clavichords and harpsichords are built to measure, according to the wishes of the performer. We can identify together with the performer the ancient instrument that meets best his/her needs, in museums, in the works of musicologists or in private collections.

Pierre builds facsimile of many early keyboard instruments, on request: Italian harpsichords, Flemish virginals and harpsichords, Italian & German clavichords, and others.

Clavecin Baffo Clavicorde Specken 1743 Virginal A. Ruckers 1620 Clavecin A. Ruckers 1637 Clavicorde 'Praetorius' c. 1620 Open doors 01